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Custom Products

Our special products department is able to design and manufacture custom products, or modify items to suit your requirements.

We have built power supply units for mixing desks (where the original items are no longer available), loudspeaker systems of various types, guitar effects pedal boards, guitar amplifier switching systems, studio patching facilities, microphone amplifiers and microphone splitters, distribution amplifiers and level changers, audio power amplifiers etc. Multi DI boxes and silent switching systems are a speciality.

We have wood and metal working facilities available, as well as PCB CAD in house, to ensure a successful product can be produced.

A selection of recently produced items are pictured below to give you an idea of the possibilities.

Our experience with the repair of all makes of equipment enables us to know which components NOT to use in our designs - to ensure "on the road" reliability.

If you would like more information regarding a specialist product then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Battery/Phantom Pink Noise Generator A wall of Mic Splitters (4 x 24 way) 8 way rack DI Box 24 way Mic Splitter with 16 XLR returns. LK85 and LK54 typeMultipin connectors on rear panel
Xenon Beacons for Tech Pro Intercom System Custom Acoustic Pre-amp For Maartin Allcock 2 input A/B/Muting DI Box

Dual Acoustic Pre-amp -

seeing double!

Dual Preamp
Rack Mount Dual Acoustic Pre-amp

Dual Channel DI with gain


Custom Celtic Harp DI Box Stereo DI Box (just bolt 2 Classic DI's together!)


High current replacement PSU for a Soundtracs mixing desk Dual Channel Acoustic Pre-amp for Dave Swarbrick - with fiddle and mandoline channels Double Bass Pre-amp for Martin Brunsden - 2 pickups plus mic channel - all mute together

Studio wall box - with 4 DI inputs, 4 microphone inputs and 4 headphone feeds with volume controls. All outputs to studio are balanced.

Studio wall box

Rack Mounting Acoustic Pre-amp with Comprehensive
EQ for a Customer with 'difficult' instruments

Microphone A/B Switch Box - powered by                              8 way Distribution Amplifier unit                          Battery Phantom Power Supply Unit
 Phantom with 'clickless' switching between